Smart hygiene


PROBLEM: The existing handheld bidet sprayer are not ergonomic, they use the same shape as the L in sprinklers, which makes their use impractical and unhygienic.

SOLUTION: A longer handheld bidet sprayer with the water outlet at the right angle and the activation button in the best position

The handheld bidet sprayer J was designed for the best ergonomics during use. With the right grip and the long rod your hand stays away from the toilet and dirt.

The handheld bidet sprayer J was thought of in every detail. Even the simplicity of its shape for a better and easier cleaning of the product itself.

The handheld bidet sprayer J is the result of 72 hours of work and research. Several factors were observed for its design: ergonomic, social, cultural and economic. It was developed for the discipline of Applied Design II at FACAMP, in partnership with Deca.