Contactless toilet


O problema.

PROBLEM: Toilet in places of great circulation are usually not in good conditions of use because they need frequent maintenance and cleaning.

SOLUTION: A more efficient toilet for public space, non-contact and easy to clean.


Contact is not required to use the V23. We adapted the shape of the toilet bowl to the user's common habit of not sitting in public toilets of great circulation.


The V23 has a conical V shape, which facilitates the approach and contributes to cleaning, avoiding splashing. The shape also provides more space to bend your legs when needed.

Over time, the seat of public toilet becomes an accumulator of dirt. Its removal contributes to usability and cleanliness.


Lateral holder ensures firm support for those who may have difficulty squatting.


The thin edge ensures that the bowl is always clean as new. As it is suspended, the V23 facilitates the complete cleaning of the space.


The improvements and innovations were made only through adjustments in the shape of the porcelain. We chose not to make a technological and costly toilet because we knew that the solution to the problem, although large, was simple.

Basin V23 is the result of 72 hours of work and research. Several factors were observed for its design: ergonomic, social, cultural and economic. It was developed for the discipline of Applied Design II at FACAMP, in partnership with Deca.